Get More Storage & More Space With Our Built-In Vanity Table/Wardrobe With Dressing Table In Singapore

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Choose The Best Built-In/Wardrobe With Dressing Tables In Singapore By Reroom

Stylish and functional wardrobes with dressing tables are rapidly bursting at the seams of Singapore’s interior design trends. These ingenious fixtures have become the sought-after staple in homes, seamlessly combining style, functionality, and space-saving benefits.
As a leading provider of custom modular cabinetry, Reroom is at the forefront of meeting this growing demand, delivering an unparalleled range of built-in dressing tables and wardrobes, catered to unique customer needs. Learn how our space-saving wardrobes elevate functionality and style.


Why Choose Reroom For Your Built-In Dressing Tables In Singapore

Space-Saving Solution For Small Bedrooms

Choosing a built-in dressing table or a wardrobe with an integrated dressing table from Reroom is an investment in both functional efficiency and aesthetic elegance.

Our uniquely designed products don't just serve as mere storage; they ingeniously blend a wardrobe and a dressing table into one cohesive unit, especially advantageous for smaller bedrooms. This unified design not only introduces a stylish edge to your room but also enhances its functionality.

What's more, our dressing tables can double as a study space, offering you a practical 2-in-1 solution. With additional features like tall closets, overhead cabinets, and open display shelving, these units are meticulously designed to cater to your varied needs.

Convenient Storage Options For Cosmetics And Accessories

We offer convenient storage options to declutter cosmetics, accessories, and personal items, turning the often chaotic morning routine into a delightful, organised experience. Our built-in wardrobe and dressing table sets come equipped with a vanity mirror, drawers, and thoughtful lighting arrangements, designed to illuminate your space effectively.

Customisable Designs To Match Individual Preferences

To add a personal touch to your room, we provide customisable designs. Our Design Planner Tool's drag-and-drop framework enables you to tailor your built-in wardrobe with vanity table set or wardrobe configurations to match drawers with normal shelving and a hanging rail.


Our Wardrobe With Dressing Table Collection

BASIC Wardrobe

Simplicity meets functionality in our BASIC Wardrobe, featuring an incorporated wardrobe with built-in vanity table set. With adequate drawer storage and a vanity mirror, we find it's a great option for a minimalist yet functional bedroom.

Product Description

  • Closed cabinet wardrobe with dresser

LAURENT - Wardrobe With Dressing Table

Designed for those who want to reveal their exquisite taste, the LAURENT combines a spacious wardrobe with a well-lit dressing table. Its ample storage and sophisticated design make it a standout addition to any bedroom.

Product Description

  • Wardrobe with a dresser or study desk (Flexi option)

ROSELLA - Wardrobe With Study Desk

Our ROSELLA piece integrates a wardrobe, a dressing table, and a study desk into one impressive cabinet. Perfect for individuals juggling tasks within a limited space, it brings order and style to your room.

Product Description

  • 2 x two-door tall closet
  • 2 x two-door cabinets at the top
  • 1 x cabinet shelving
  • 1 x open display shelving
  • 1 x tabletop


Delivery & Installation For Our Wardrobe With Built-In Dressing Tables In Singapore

Price is inclusive of delivery & installation. An appointment will be fixed after the order is received.

The best part, it's all completed within one day!


Elevate Your Bedroom's Functionality With Our Top-Quality Built-In Dressing Tables And Wardrobes In Singapore

Built-in dressing tables and wardrobes are not just more bedroom furniture but an addition that can transform your bedroom's layout, making it more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Reroom's built-in dressing tables and wardrobes are designed to fit perfectly into your room, serving as both a space-saving storage solution and a focal point.

Explore our collection today and enjoy a clutter-free environment. Need assistance or have specific ideas? Contact us today and get a FREE consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions About Best Built-In/Wardrobe With Dressing Table In Singapore

Can I Customise The Design Of The Built-In Dressing Table Or Wardrobe With A Dressing Table?

Absolutely. At Reroom, we believe in creating unique spaces that reflect your style. Our Design Tool allows you to customise your dressing table or wardrobe to meet your specific preferences. Otherwise, you may also contact us with your requirements for us to create a wardrobe design that suits you perfectly.

Are The Built-In Dressing Tables And Wardrobes Durable And Long-Lasting?

Yes, our products use high-quality materials and are designed to stand the test of time. Our wardrobes come with soft-close hinges and we use high pressure laminates for the external finishing that are easy to maintain.

Are Built-In Wardrobes Better Than Standalone?

The decision between built-in and standalone wardrobes largely hinges on factors like available space, budget, installation preferences, and specific storage needs.

Built-in wardrobes offer custom designs that maximise room space, cater to unique storage needs, and typically have longer lifespans.

Conversely, although often less costly and simpler to install, standalone wardrobes have the advantage of relocation flexibility, making them ideal for those who move frequently.

However, given their general dimensions and configurations intended for a broad market, standalone wardrobes may not maximise room space or cater to specific storage demands as effectively as their built-in counterparts, especially wardrobes with built-in dressing or vanity tables. Ultimately, the decision will depend on balancing flexibility, cost, and the desire for a tailored storage solution.

Can I See Examples Of Your Built-In Dressing Tables And Wardrobes With Dressing Tables?

Certainly, we have a wide range of examples available on our website, showcasing the diversity and quality of our collections. You can also visit our showroom at 33 Ubi Ave 3 #01-78 Vertex, Singapore 408868 to see our sample set (visits are by appointment basis).

What Is The Price Range For Built-In Dressing Tables And Wardrobes With Dressing Tables?

Our prices vary depending on the model, size, and customisation options. We're happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your requirements and give a more accurate price estimation.

Can I Consult With A Design Expert To Help Me Choose The Right Built-In Dressing Table Or Wardrobe With A Dressing Table For My Space?

Absolutely. We offer free consultations with our design experts, who can guide you in the way of choosing and customising the perfect piece to fit your space and needs.