Murphy Bed FAQs

1. What are the types of Murphy bed?

There are two types of Murphy bed – horizontal and vertical. A horizontal Murphy bed is side tilt and a vertical Murphy bed is upright. The difference is in the orientation of the bed when opening.

The vertical Murphy bed comes in Single, Super Single and Queen size, while the horizontal Murphy bed comes in Single and Super Single.

2. How is a Murphy bed installed?

Murphy bed is installed on the wall using L-brackets to secure the bed cabinet against the wall. After installation, the edges of the Murphy bed will be sealed with silicon sealant for a complete finishing touch. 

3. Can I install the Murphy bed on partition wall?

Murphy beds can be installed on both structural wall and partition wall. For the installation on partition wall, a reinforcement will be added to secure the Murphy bed.

4. What type of mechanism do we use for our Murphy bed?

We use hydraulic mechanism for our Murphy bed to ensure effortless opening and closing. The hydraulic pistons are installed at the interior sides of the Murphy bed and can last about 30,000 times of opening and closing.  

5. Is there a specific mattress to use for Murphy bed?

We recommend using a coil or spring mattress up to 8” thick with a standard length of 190cm.  Foam and latex mattress are not recommended as these are light-weight. When opening the Murphy bed, the mattress weight is required to counter balance the hydraulic mechanism.

6. What material is used for the bed cabinet?

The carcass of the bed cabinet for the Single and Super Single is made from solid plywood while the Queen bed cabinet is made from melamine wood. We used high-pressured laminates (in solid or woodgrains laminates) for the external finishing.

7. What other designs can be selected?

Our Murphy bed comes with a standard design of side cabinet and top hung cabinets to the ceiling. You may also add on a study table or wardrobe for a more functional Murphy bed. Otherwise, adding on more storage cabinets will help declutter your room.  

Tip 1: Use our design planner tool, mix and match to create your ideal Murphy bed design from a range to cabinets and visualise how your bedroom furniture will look like!
Tip 2: Click on the WhatsApp button at the bottom of the page on the right-hand side to chat with our sales consultant for further query. 

8. Is there a showroom to view the Murphy bed?

Yes! We have a sample set at our office and we are located at Vertex, 33 Ubi Ave 3 #01-78. Visits are by appointment basis. Kindly click on the WhatsApp button to make an appointment with us.

9. Where is our Murphy bed fabricated in?

Our Murphy bed is fabricated in either Singapore or Malaysia, depending on the production schedule of both our factories.

10. How long does it take to install a Murphy bed set?

It will take about a few hours to install a simple Murphy bed and half a day to install a full Murphy bed set that comes with additional cabinets.

11. Warranty period

The warranty period for the hydraulic mechanism of our Murphy bed is 12 months. In any case if the hydraulic mechanism needs replacement, there will be no fee chargeable. Thereafter, it will be deemed based on case by case basis and a prevailing transport fee is chargeable.

The warranty period for our carpentry works is 6 months. There will be no fees on transport and labour to repair or replace defective parts (e.g. cabinet hinge). Kindly note that fair wear and tear is not included in the warranty period.