With 6 colours to choose from, reroom modular furniture will match most existing spaces.  


Each shelf comes finished with the same material as your selected cabinet.

Hanging Bars


Hanging bars turn cabinets into wardrobes for hanging clothes.

Recessed LED T5 Lighting 

Easily replaceable T5 LED lighting which are recessed into your modular furniture will give a more lively and luxurious feel to your home.

Sensor LED Lighting 

Eliminate the need to turn on the room lights when opening your cabinets with battery-operated sensor LED lighting which turn on automatically when you open your cabinet doors.

USB Power Point


Plug-in your USB chargers and devices directly with this integrated socket.

Skirting & Filler Panels 


These customized panels will give a more complete, built-in look to your modular furniture. Our charges include a site visit for accurate measurements and customization.



Our dedicated and specialized team of carpenters are able to provide hassle-free installation of your selected modular furniture more quickly than you can count to ten. You will save precious time and headaches by calling on our services.